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Our Mission for Serving Our Communities

We are a team of professional building and safety inspectors and consultants offering comprehensive plan review and inspection services to cities and municipalities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We have over 125 years combined experience in all phases of construction, over 26 years of combined experience in all phases of “Uniform Construction Code” inspection, as well as 15+ years of experience in executive management.  NEIC is a professional organization based on the foundation of community, service, integrity and communication.


We are committed to serve communities through excellent service, effective process and consistent compliance.


We will bring a high level of impeccability to our services and professionalism to ensure velocity, progress and workability in your community projects.

We pride ourselves in delivering detailed service and assistance. In partnership with you, we will advance your projects while integrating their completion with the utmost safety and compliance per the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.​

Community  |  Service  |  Integrity  |  Communication

Teamwork  |  Education  |  Compliance  |  Safety

Expand our Clients Reputation  |  Develop a Culture of Safety and Competency Create New Opportunities for Community Development


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