We are a team of professional building and safety inspectors and consultants who provide Uniform Construction Code inspection services for the cities and municipalities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We take pride that all of our staff are local residents of Northeast Pennsylvania, who work and serve the people of Pennsylvania.

Precautions during COVID-19

The NEIC team would just like to take a moment to let you know we are here to serve you and our municipalities.  Our office is open and will be providing permitting, inspections and zoning services to the municipalities we serve as approved by Gov.Wolf in our waiver as a life sustaining business.  Please do not visit your municipal office without calling first.  Most permit applications and paperwork can be sent to you electronically. 

We want to assure everyone that our inspectors and staff are prepared for safety during these times. The safety of our constituents and our employees is a top priority every day.


  • We are monitoring updates from the CDC, local and state officials.

  • Our inspectors are wearing masks, and sanitize their hands before and after each inspection.

  • Our vehicles, equipment and work spaces are sanitized.

  • We increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our office.

  • We are making a concerted effort to emphasize to our entire staff the importance of thorough hand washing. This means fronts, backs, wrists, and between fingers for at least twenty seconds with hot water at each washing.

  • Team members have also been instructed not to come to work if they experience fever or other flu-like symptoms.

Please contact us at (570) 280-2111 if you have any further questions. Please rest assured that every precaution has been taken to ensure the protection of your health and safety.

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Why Work with NEIC?

By choosing NEIC, you are working with a team of professionals with over 151 years of combined building and construction experience on residential and commercial projects. During our profession careers, we have faced and encountered many construction issues and problems. With our unique expertise, we can see a problem before it becomes one to the untrained eye! We will identify construction issues in order to correct them before it becomes a bigger issue that costs everyone valuable time and money.


We have patience and understanding, and know how to resolve upsetting issues to find out what works best for everyone involved and move our projects forward. What does that mean to you as our client? You can be confident and take comfort in the fact that we are there take care of your project professionally and safely!


At NEIC, we are committed to speed, clarity and simplistic process. We will meet with you and your engineer or architect before the pen meets the paper for a free consultation.  This will ensure that your project is designed to meet the current UCC codes.  To serve our clients time and budget we are keep our fees schedule very simplistic. There are no additional costs for re-inspection, no extra fees for attending meetings with municipalities, no cost for residential plan review, no extra hours for educating property owners or any other party involved. Everything is covered in your initial permit application.


For the last 11 years, NEIC has provided UCC inspection services for over 50 municipalities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We have shown our commitment to provide expertise, save cost of operations, expand the reputations of our clients, and serve our communities.