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We are team of professional building and safety inspectors and consultants working and providing Uniform Construction Code inspection services for the Cities and Municipalities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. As local residences of Northeast Pennsylvania, we are proud to call ourselves local Pennsylvanians, working and serving people of Pennsylvania.


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With NEIC you are working with team of professional people with over 125 years of combined construction experience on residential and commercial projects plus over 26 years of combined building inspection experience. We have faced and encountered many construction issues and problems in our long professional career. We can see a problem before it becomes one to untrained eyes! We will identify construction issues, correcting them before it becomes a bigger issue that would cost everyone precious time and valuable budget, not to mention reputations and velocity in progress and the overall headache…!

We know how to resolve upsetting issues, be patient and understanding to find out what works best for everyone involved and move our projects forward. What does that means to you as our client? You can be confident and take comfort in, the fact that we are there to take care of your business professionally...[read more]

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We have over 125 years combined construction background and over 26 years of professional inspection expertise.

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